Tuesday, 17 April 2012

This is the Quickest Way Down ~ Charles Christian

This is the Quickest Way Down (Proxima)This is the Quickest Way Down is a collection of dystopian, sci-fi, urban gothic and dark fantasy short fiction, as suggested by its striking cover. The opening story 'Waiting for my Mocha to Cool' is a fragmentary narrative, stuffed with pithy character descriptions and entertaining observations: 'the most clinical, obsessed, workaholic, emotionally sterile, empty, unlived-in woman to have ever walked the planet;' 'he gets his nose so far up people's arses he should change his name to Pinnochio.' In 'Already Gone' three men steal a car with unexpected consequences and in 'More Important than Baby Stenick' the reader experiences a slice of life in a present-day dystopia. The title story 'This is the Quickest Way Down' sees 'cute chick' Kali surprise the tipsy narrator while in 'Confessions of a Teenage Ghost Hunter' it's the reader who is surprised. This is a pacy collection, full of surprises and contrasts.

Read the title story here.
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  1. Thank you for the review - Charles

  2. You're welcome Charles. I enjoyed reading your collection.