Sunday, 15 April 2012

Campfire Chillers ~ Dave Jeffery

Campfire Chillers by Dave JefferyIn Campfire Chillers the Scoutmaster tells a series of thirteen dark tales. 'The Grave' is a story of retribution and violence, laced with gory humour and gruesome details: 'As his mouth hung open, the grass in front of the headstone ballooned for a few seconds before erupting like a festering, green, hairy zit, spewing earth and disgorging blind, crawling creatures onto the ground.' In 'Rock Face' a fissure in a mountain isn't what it seems, in 'New Boy' an unfamiliar boy scout waits for young Robert Moyles to notice him and in 'Cold Compass' an exercise on Dartmoor goes horribly wrong for two Adventure Scouts. These stories are grisly and macabre. The Scoutmaster tells stories in which 'the great outdoors have never been so chilling.'

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  1. Dear Carys

    Thank you for the comments here regarding Campfire Chillers. It is an honour to be associated with such a prestigious literary event.

    Best wishes

    Dave Jeffery

  2. You're welcome Dave. Your collection brought back memories of camping trips and campfire ghost stories when I was a teen. I hated camping with a passion - the stories were always the best part!

    1. I have scary memories of camping trips too, but these revolve around a faulty Primus stove and a momentary lapse in concentration!

      Thanks again