Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Pitying of Doves ~ Felicity McCall

A Pitying of DovesThis collection of linked stories is set in South Armagh. McCall has said that while the collection is fiction, it also contains an 'element of memoir.' The first story, 'The Cardinal Conway Essay Prize' explores themes of belonging, alienation and loss of innocence as Evie discovers that despite her excellent prose, she is 'the wrong writer.' In 'A Mother's Love' people speculate about Mary's past, but she has 'perfected the art of anonymity.' McCall takes the reader back into the past to see and understand the reasons for Mary's reticence. The title story explores the 'deconstruction and disposal of the trappings of a life' as Evie watches her mother come to terms with her father's death. McCall writes with a quiet dignity and a keen eye for detail in a collection that has been described as 'refreshingly dispassionate and coolly humane.'

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