Sunday, 29 April 2012

Chameleon ~ Beda Higgins

Chameleon-120Chameleon is a lovely collection of beautifully written, sad and funny stories. The opening story 'Haunted' is an authentically imagined story about friendship. Ten year old Kirsty's jealousy is palpable and it leads her to do something terrible. 'The Quiet Man' is a satisfyingly wicked look at hidden depths and the resentment that builds when a new wife steals every moment of her husband's peace. In 'True Love' it is the old man Jim, and not the young narrator who understands what love is. 'Poor Clare' is an emotionally charged story about first love, transgression and the hope of absolution. There are supernatural and fairy tale elements in many of these satisfying and well-written stories. Beda Higgins's story 'Wiggy' won the 2009 Mslexia competition.

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