Sunday, 22 April 2012

Starlings ~ Erinna Mettler

Starlings, described as a 'daisy-chain novel,' offers the reader an almost bird's eye view of Brighton, sweeping and swooping from story to story, character to character. The opening story 'The View to the West Pier' races towards an deeply disturbing climax as Andy, a recently released paedophile, encounters siblings Oscar and Arabella at the park. 'Pebble-dashed' is a story about secrets and seeing, as photographer Alistair fails to notice what's right under his nose. In 'Editor' Louise, Jerry's beautiful neighbour becomes the most important person in his life, while 'Snip' is a story about a fateful train journey that takes place the night before Drew's vasectomy. Mettler writes well, her prose is fluent and compelling, and this collection of linked stories is a fascinating exploration of city life.

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