Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Dogsbodies and Scumsters ~ Alan McCormick

Dogsbodies and ScumstersThese stories have been described as 'chillingly understated, delicate and disturbingly hilarious.' The collection opens with 'Deal or No Deal,' the sad and funny story of Brenda who is 'her own worst enemy.' In this story and many of the others in Dogsbodies and Scumsters, McCormick demonstrates his skill at laying bare the internal logic of damaged minds. 'Real Mummy' is a chilling story of criminal incompetence, while 'Mad Mike' has echoes of Jekyll and Hyde. There is some lovely language in this collection; in 'Reasons to Swim Inside the Sky' canals are described as 'mustard smelling trenches of blink-and-you-miss-it spam splatters of colour.' The book is complemented by Jonny Voss's extraordinary illustrations.

Read stories and enjoy the illustrations here.
Read an interview with Alan McCormick here.

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