Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Things I'm up to

Over the next couple of days I'll be really busy. This evening I'm going to London and while I'm there I'm hoping to see one of the Issy Bradley posters that are up at various underground stations. 

Here's a picture from a friend. How fantastic is that?!

Tomorrow I'll be on Fubar Radio from 11 o'clock with comedian Mark Dolan. Afterwards I'll be recording an interview with Front Row's Samira Ahmed and then I'll be on BBC London with Jo Good, just after 4 o'clock.

On Friday I'll be recording an interview with Cathy Macdonald of BBC Radio Scotland and an interview with Monocle FM. Then at 2:30 I'll be on LBC Radio with Julia Hartley-Brewer. 

Afterwards I'll be hurrying home to make cakes for my book launch which will be on Saturday from 5:30. 

I'm quite excited, but I'm also tremendously nervous. Off to pack my suitcase...

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