Thursday, 19 June 2014

The most fortunate creature

Remember that bit in Pride and Prejudice where Jane says, 'I am certainly the most fortunate creature that ever existed... How shall I bear such happiness' ? Well that was me today, wandering around London with the lovely Charlotte Bush, spotting tube posters of my novel and listening to my phone ping as wonderful book bloggers Tweeted about my novel. 

I'm afraid I lack Jane Bennet's goodness, so I'm pretty convinced I don't deserve this happiness, and, unlike Jane, I shan't be asking whether I can bear it, as I'm sure I can. 

Here I am in Fubar Radio on the Mark Dolan Show. Having watched some of Mark's comedy work, I was quite nervous about talking to him. Although A Song for Issy Bradley is (I hope) quite funny in places, I'm not very spontaneously funny (writing funny scenes can take me *days*). However, Mark was very charming (and extremely tall) and I had a great time. 

After lunch it was off to Front Row for an interview with Samira Ahmed. We talked about all sorts of things, including polygamy, Islam, women's roles in Mormonism and how to write prose that is both funny and sad. 

Here I am with Jo Good from BBC Radio London. This interview unexpectedly opened with an audio clip from HBO's Big Love. That was a surprise! We chatted about football, children and grief. 

Then it was back to Random House where there's a lovely display made of quotes about the novel and cut-out birds.

Today, I am certainly the most fortunate creature that ever existed. 


  1. So fantastic.. I loved your book, so sure that others will too.

  2. Although the context is different I seem to recall Mrs Bennet saying something like "Oh Mr. Bennet, God has been good to us!" And that is how we feel with a daughter like you. A beautiful woman, a gifted writer and a devoted wife and mother - we love you.

  3. Happy Publication Day - it's a wonderful book, as I keep telling anyone who'll listen :)