Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Newspaper reviews and other fun stuff

I was (metaphorically) biting my nails as I awaited press reviews of A Song for Issy Bradley. They have been trickling in and so far I've been very lucky - people have said some lovely things about the novel. 

Grace McCleen's Guardian review described it as ‘A skilful and empathetic dramatisation. The fact that it deals with such distressing subject matter without falling prey to sentimentality makes it all the more admirable.’

'Bray demonstrates the comforts of faith - the magic, hope and imagination - as well as its restrictions. This is an impressive debut from a compassionate, wise and original new voice,' wrote Suzi Feay in The Independent.

The Times reviewer, Carol Midgley said, 'I couldn't leave it alone. Bray writes with such clarity, intelligence and authenticity that it feels as if an old friend is telling you the story, that the characters are people you know.'

Christie Hickman in The Sunday Express said there was 'An astonishing lightness of touch and real humour woven into the sadness... A stunning, unmissable debut.’  

The Sunday Mirror described it as 'funny and vividly written,' while the Sun picked it as 'an early contender for book of the year.'

As if all that wasn't lovely enough, I've been out and about this week. First to Plackitt and Booth in Lytham where I did a reading and answered questions about the book. 

And then to Radio Lancashire, where I spoke to John Gilmore about writing.

Finally, this arrived. 

I'm not sure whether there's a wall in the house that's big enough or whether (if I find a wall) the children will ever speak to me again... but I'm planning to find out.