Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Interview with Liane Carter

Earlier this year I taught a publishing seminar to undergraduates at Edge Hill. I felt I needed to learn more about self publishing and as a result I've been speaking to some writers who chose to self-publish their work. Today I'm interviewing teacher and children's writer Liane Carter whose book The Dream Devils has just been published.

When did you start writing?

I used to make up mini stories for my students and they would be character in the stories and they kept telling me to write a book. I'd already been badgered for a long time by my husband and my friend so I started. I'd written poetry and songs since school. I went on a self-editing course with Cornerstones and then worked with Renni Browne who has taught me so much about editing.

You write for children, what are your favourite children's books?

The Dream Devils
Roald Dahl. I love and reread his books over and over. Michael Morpurgo books although they make me sob. I just love how it's like you are sat on his knee and he's telling you the story. 'Elsewhere' by Gabrielle Zevin. Oh my. What a cuddly blanket of a book. I read it on repeat and may have read it 12 times now. I've lent it to people and gifted it to people. I love Madeleine L'Engle's 'A Wrinkle in Time'. 'The Tail of Emily Windsnap' by Liz Kessler, 'Wolf Brother' by Michelle Paver, Harry Potter.

You decided to self-publish. Was this a difficult decision? 

I was hesitant because I knew how much work was involved. A publisher was interested initially and was so excited about my writing that when they decided they didn't want to pursue it, I sent it back to my editor and asked if she thought it was worth publishing and if she would do a line-edit.

Do you design your own book covers?

No Gwyneth Ashcroft a great designer did the cover. It's great being able to give ideas and be involved in the process and changes. However, she's the genius behind it, not me.

How did you manage the publicity for your first book, The Chronicles of Joya?

I did book signings in Borders and Waterstones, visited over 50 schools and did writing workshops showing reluctant readers and writers that writing can be fun. And it was such a joy in the schools. The kids were fantastic and so were the staff. And when you get emails via the website and Facebook from kids and parents about how their grades have rocketed since the workshop, that they are laughing out loud reading a book, that they are writing because I've inspired them too, oh my, that rocks my heart sideways.

The Dream Devils is Book 1 in a series. How many books will there be, and have you planned the next book?

There will be three. Yes, the second book is outlined and the beginning and ending written. I started the first few scenes and had to walk away because it's so tense. Exciting! And the beginnings and endings are also written for book 3. Oh, I just love the ending.

Thank you Liane, and good luck with The Dream Devils.

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