Saturday, 3 November 2012

Real Books

My books arrived this week. It was a very exciting and strange moment.

The French flaps are beautiful and cover is soft and smooth.

The children all want their own copy, although Alice is the only one who has shown any interest in reading the stories. I watched as she opened her copy and I saw her face light up as she read the dedication page.

'Oh thank you!' she said. 'I have always wanted to be mentioned in the dedication of a book.'

Phew, good job I decided to write one then.

It's really, really strange and lovely to look at the words on the pages and know that I ordered and arranged them all.

The book is now available to buy from Salt Publishing and should also be available on Amazon soon.

People (including the man who delivered the books) have been asking me what Sweet Home is about. It's a really hard question, and in some ways it's not a question I can answer as it's up to the reader to decide. Below is a short trailer which shows some of the things I think Sweet Home is about.


  1. Directed here via Salt Publishing. Congratulations! It must be an amazing feeling. I would buy it based on that trailer - sounds wonderful.

  2. Thanks Ailson! If you do buy it, I hope you enjoy it :)

  3. Super trailer - good ol' Salt. How exciting, and how tempting.

  4. That's a beautiful trailer. I can't wait to read Sweet Home.

    What a wonderful day for you. Congratulations.

  5. The books look beautiful. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy. Great trailer too - some very impressive author quotes.

  6. Looks lovely Carys, book and trailer. Oooh, are those things called French flaps, I never knew.

  7. Thanks Dan and Lane :)
    (I hope they are called French Flaps - a friend who works in Waterstones told me that's what they're called!)