Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Review and Interview with Sarah Jasmon

aka sarahontheboatToday I visit the blog of novelist and short story writer, Sarah Jasmon.

I answer questions about writing, submitting work and who I'd like to spend an afternoon with in Southport.

Sarah also reviews Sweet Home.

Here is an excerpt from her review:
Each of the seventeen stories conjures up a complete world. The characters may teeter on the edge of insanity or stay resolutely in the matter of fact, but all are rooted in the minutiae of real life. The old woman who builds a gingerbread house shops for bargain marzipan in the January sales; a sleepy baby arches and stretches so that we can feel her soft weight; an old lady chases the darkness, ‘switching on lights in its wake, until the whole house is shining like a warning flare.’ There is a deep understanding of the world of the family, with its pitfalls, daily dramas and hidden places. Nothing jars. You can reach out and touch it.

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