Saturday, 10 November 2012


The book launch was last night. It went really well. The bookshop only had four books left and they asked me to sign them all before I went home. We had cakes and drinks and there was plenty of time to chat to people. I came home with chocolates, a Lush bath bomb, a bottle of wine and two bunches of flowers. It felt like it was my birthday.

The next bit is going to sound horribly like an acceptance speech, but I'm going to do it anyway - It's my blog and I'll say thank you if I want to...

Thanks to my lovely writing friends who came - Alisa Cox, Elizabeth Baines, Carol Fenlon, Claire Massey, Zoe Lambert, Ben Judge, Sarah Schofield, Sarah Jasmon, Elaine Wilson, Joe Welsh, Jay Dougherty, Amanda Richardson, Emma Johnson (if I've forgotten anyone I'm very sorry!). Thanks to my friends Nik, Janet and Mandy, to Stuart, Karen and Aaron and to my sister Lizzy who drove all the way from Exeter. Thanks to Tim Power for taking photographs, to Broadhursts for having me and to the Sefton Celebrates Writing team for arranging things. And a huge thank you to my children for pouring drinks and handing out cakes and behaving beautifully for a whole hour and a half.

When I got home from the launch I discovered my first goodreads review, written by author (Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops) and poet (The Hungry Ghost Festival), Jen Campbell. It was a lovely end to a fantastic day.

Short story writer and novelist Elizabeth Baines writes about the launch here.

Photograph from OTS News.


  1. Congratulations, Carys, it sounds like you had a wonderful time. It must all be quite surreal as well. Good luck with the rest of the being published experience!

  2. Sounds like a great evening and those cakes look fantastic. :)