Monday, 29 October 2012

First Review

The first review of Sweet Home was published online this morning at the Lancs Writing Hub. It's a really thoughtful and generous review.

Product DetailsThis afternoon I really enjoyed Adam Marek's lovely piece in the Guardian. Having read several of the stories in The Stone Thrower this weekend, it was interesting to read Adam's thoughts about the collection. He reveals that the stories in The Stone Thrower are 'full of absurd, surreal and futuristic scenarios: contagion-carrying virtual pets, genetically enhanced schoolchildren in military uniforms, a superhero dictator – but at the heart of them all is a vulnerable child. My vulnerable child.'

It's a moving account and definitely worth a read.

Reviews of The Stone Thrower can be found at Bookmunch, The Guardian and Litro.

I remain fascinated by the way real life preoccupations bleed into fiction. I mention some of the real-life things that may have influenced my fiction here, here and here.

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