Saturday, 27 October 2012

Launch stuff

I was in my local library this week with the children when one of the librarians said they have ordered my book. It was very exciting to think that I might pop to the library one day and actually see it sitting there on a shelf.

While I was there I noticed a pile of brochures for the Sefton Celebrates Writing Festival. The festival begins on Bonfire Night and lasts for a week. My book launch is one of the free events on the programme.

There will be drinks and cake at the launch and I'm going to read a story from Sweet Home (which actually exists now - I've seen a photograph of it on a shelf next to The Lighthouse!).

I'm hoping it will be a cold, wintry night and the staff at Broadhursts will need to light the open fire.

Here are some of the other events that will be on during the Sefton Celebrates Writing Festival week:

There is a Sweet Home Facebook page here.

I think the first review will be out next week *bites nails*. 


  1. Exciting stuff. All the best for the launch.

  2. Thank you. I'm making the cakes myself, hopefully they will be edible!