Wednesday, 10 October 2012


I signed off on the proofs of my book today. It was really nerve-wracking to let the stories go and concede that there won't (and can't) be any more edits or alterations. The stories are finished. Gulp. 

I also saw an image of the finished cover for the first time today. It's going to be beautiful, with French flaps. I can't wait to see it.

Some brilliant and very generous writers have made some lovely comments about Sweet Home

'Suburbia in all its tarnished glory - Carys Bray teases at the cracks, and pulls at all the loose threads dangling, in short stories that are funny and sad and achingly true.' 
Robert Shearman 

'Carys Bray lays to rest the myth that fiction which examines the domestic sphere is familiar and unchallenging once and for all. Her stories are never afraid to expose the darkness that exists behind suburban front doors, but at their heart are brave, moving evocations of what it means to be at home with those you love.'

Jenn Ashworth

'Finely tunedwitty
 and poignant, these wonderful stories are written with a startling emotional clarity. The  tragic and the absurd are absolutely inextricable. Carys Bray has an especially acute ear for children's voices, and for the dissenting murmurs that are usually kept behind the closed doors of the unconscious. This is the debut of a major talent.'
Ailsa Cox

'The match of technical accomplishment and psychological insight makes these stories not just excellent but significant.' 
Robert Sheppard

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