Saturday, 2 April 2011

'Not So Perfect', Nik Perring

Not So Perfect: StoriesNot So Perfect, Nik Perring
Perring's collection of twenty two short, short stories is both an aesthetic and literary delight. The chunky, square-shaped book has birthday/Christmas/Mother's Day gift written all over it (metaphorically) and it's a perfect fit for a handbag. The stories are surreal, surprising and ultimately satisfying. The collection has been described as 'glorious ammunition to fire at those who link brevity with insubstantiality.'
The opening story 'Kiss' starts with the irresistible line, 'The man was rude to his wife, mostly,' and concludes tenderly when the unsaid is finally understood. My favourite stories are 'Bare and Naked in Siberia' in which a young girl's first sexual encounter is juxtaposed with the discovery of an ancient woolly mammoth, and 'Number 14', the story of a woman whose house is 'a rainbow of squares...a patchwork of post it notes.'
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  1. Hi Carys - thanks so much for this splendid mention. I'm thrilled you found something to enjoy in Not So Perfect, and I'm also thrilled to have discovered your blog!

    Thanks again


  2. You're welcome Nik, there's lots to enjoy in Not So Perfect. Working as an intern on the Edge Hill Prize has been a pleasure - so many fascinating collections to read.

  3. Thanks again! I'll bet it's been a pleasure (I'm actually a little jealous!). Looking forward to reading the collections myself, very much.