Thursday, 21 April 2011

Back to writing.

I've spent hours reading and reviewing short story collections in recent weeks. I've also started to think about my PhD proposal; I've got eighteen novels to read as part of my preparation - I think I'm singlehandedly keeping my local library's reservation service going at the moment. There hasn't been much time for fiction writing and the enormous spring break/Easter holiday/month off for kids hasn't helped much either. However, I've managed to finish a short story and I've had good news about some older stories:

Once Upon a Time...
I've been placed in the 'Once Upon a Time' short story competition. There will be an award ceremony on 27th April at the Chapel Gallery in Ormskirk. The story can be read here until 30th April, after which I'll just post it on the blog.

I was shortlisted for the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook short story competition. The shortlist can be seen here and the winning story by Samuel Wright can be read here.

The Writers' & Artists' Yearbook 2013 (Writers' and Artists')
Additionally, I've got a short story and a piece of flash fiction scheduled for publication soon.

Now back to writing...


  1. Congratulations X 2! Looking forward to reading. And I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for The Strictly Writing award for you too!


  2. Wow Nik - you were quick off the mark there!
    I think I pressed the publish button by mistake before I finished blogging - I hope what you read made sense! And thank you for your good wishes :)

  3. It all made complete sense - no need to worry!

    And you're most welcome!