Friday, 14 February 2014

U.K cover

Here's the U.K cover of A Song for Issy Bradley.

I think it's gorgeous. Not only is it a little bit red, (my favourite colour) but the bird is beautifully collaged out of things that are important in the novel: geese, autumn, the sea and a little girl. And the lovely quote from Nathan Filer is a wonderful surprise.

Edited to add...

Cover proofs arrived in the post this afternoon. My camera is a bit rubbish, but here are a few photographs.

Here's the back cover (left). I'm more than a little overwhelmed by the generous quotes from three brilliant writers whose work I really admire.

And here's the inside front cover blurb (right).

The little waves on the front cover are shiny and the lettering stands out (I'm sure there are proper, technical words to describe these things, but I don't know them).

It's probably very uncool of me to be so excited - and it's probably very uncool of me to use the word uncool - but I don't care!


  1. Oh wow - I love the cover design. The bird is gorgeous. Huge congratulations at this and every stage of your journey - am very inspired and looking forward to reading your novel.

  2. Agreed on the bird, that's a cracking cover!
    Well deserved comments too, i'm looking forward to buying my copy :)

  3. Love the cover. I'm glad to have more of your beautiful writing to look forward to.

  4. Thanks everyone, I'm so happy with it!