Thursday, 27 February 2014


I had a lovely time in Brighton. I met lots of very nice book-loving people, ate some lovely food and read Rodge Glass's novel Hope for Newborns on the train.

While I travelled home, my publisher presented my book at a conference. Here's a picture of the cover on an enormous screen and here's me talking about A Song for Issy Bradley in the short film that I did in November.

Unfortunately, the first of my trains home was running really late and I only just made my connection at Euston. This meant I couldn't buy the expected doughnuts, and so I picked the children up from school empty handed. One of them was cross, the other said they were glad I caught the right train as they'd rather see me than have a donut anyway. Aww.

Waiting at home was a parcel from Random House - beautiful new proofs and a small stack of postcards. Much better than doughnuts and less fattening, too.


  1. Soooo jealous. May I have a lovely postcard please Carys?

  2. Yes, of course! If you send me a Facebook message with your address I will post one to you.