Tuesday, 25 February 2014


We spent half term without a landline or internet connection. The kids couldn't play on Minecraft or watch the football (they were upset) and they couldn't complete their homework (they weren't upset).

I couldn't work on my PhD because I'm at a point in my thesis where I'm discussing several short stories that can only be accessed online (I was upset). It was a bit of a revelation to realise how much I rely on the internet, not just for writing, but for fact-checking, weather, music, news, recipes, booking half term activities and so on.

Finally, a full eight days after I reported the fault to BT, we're back online and I can carry on writing the last couple of thousand words of my thesis - hooray! I can also check my train times and print off a map of Brighton as I'll be travelling there tomorrow to have dinner with some lovely people who sell and market books. It will be the first outing for my new suitcase. I've packed my books, hopefully there'll be room for some other stuff, too.

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