Monday, 31 December 2012

Best Presents

My favourite present of Christmas 2012 was this Diary of a Wimpy Kid do-it-yourself book, completed by Alice, wrapped using about half a roll of sticky tape and signed: 'To Carys, follow your dream, from Alice, A.E Bray.'

Best. Present. Ever.


Best grown up present was this handbag from Neil. 

The children think it's hideous.


The best presents I gave this year were the books of tokens I made for the children. I was thoroughly fed up with the commercial side of Christmas and decided to try to do something a little bit different.

There are tokens for ice creams, new books, staying up late, choosing dinner, foot massages, sports events, baking etc. The children seem to like them, although it's hard to tell when I'm being humoured nowadays because they've all got so good at it.

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  1. I have owl handbag envy. My daughter loves owls, too. But what a great idea to give vouchers instead of the guilt/greed fest that is Christmas.

    And good luck with the novel re-draft!