Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The War Tour ~ Zoe Lambert

This collection of stories about war is restrained and confident. Lambert details the ordinary lives of those who are forced to live in extraordinary circumstances, in both the height of conflict and as refugees in foreign countries. In 'These Words are No More Than a Story About a Woman on a Bus' Elena tells her story to a stranger who finds himself, 'not sure what to do with [it].' The readers of this collection may find themselves in a similarly troubled, yet ultimately helpless position. 'From Kandahar' sees Phil, home on leave, discovering that what the lads say is true: 'As soon as you're home, you want to get straight back out again.' And in 'We'll Meet Again' former mayor, Leon is working in a care home in the UK having fled from the violence in Rwanda. The death of an elderly resident makes Leon think of his own father and, as he leaves work, he is haunted by memories and perhaps by an even darker shadow from the past.

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