Saturday, 31 March 2012

Feather ~ David Rix

Feather - David RixFeather is an enigmatic, fragmentary, yet linked collection of short stories. Rix intersperses traditional narrative with italicised fragments, bullet point lists, instant messages and illustrations. The stories are linked by the character, Feather. Rix describes her as a 'marvellous innocent, ruthless experimenter and questioner, child of nature, steeped in magic and reality, innocent happiness and complete lost despair at the same time.' He reveals that, 'in Feather, I set out to create my ideal - a person who personifies all that I think is good and all that I believe in - and set her against a world that is imperfect in its entirety.' The opening story 'Yellow Eyes' is set against a landscape that is both familiar and dystopian; the teenage Feather is brutilised by first her father and then a stranger she meets near the mysterious nuclear power station. Rix doesn't explain much, leaving the reader to approach the rest of this collection with an extensive list of unanswered questions.

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