Monday, 20 February 2012

Scott Prize Shortlist

The Scott Prize shortlist was announced today and I'm really excited to say that I'm on it.

Julia Bohanna (England) – Ink Eyes
Carys Bray (England) – Sweet Home
Madeleine D’Arcy (Ireland) – Waiting for the Bullet and Other Stories
Rusty Dolleman (US) – Other People’s Kids
Sarah Faulkner (US) – American Heartbreaker
Maurice Gartshore (Scotland) – Mother Icarus
Otis Heschemeyer (US) – The Fantome of Fatma
Julie Mayhew (England) – End Of
Alison Moore (England) – A Small Window
Rob Roensch (US) – The Wild Flowers of Baltimore
Chris Smith (England) – Between the Toes of the Cloven Hoof
(It has been very hard to stop myself from adding exclamation mark(s), a picture of balloons, a celebration cake, one of those party blower things and a chain of smiley faces to this post. I can't promise that I won't come back later and add them all).