Sunday, 19 February 2012

Chris Beckett's Liverpool Reading

Chris Beckett will be reading from his novel Dark Eden on Friday 2nd March at Waterstones, Liverpool One, 6 pm.

Chris's short story collection The Turing Test won the 2009 Edge Hill Prize. Dark Eden has had excellent reviews: The Guardian, Sunday Telegraph, Daily Mail and another here that is part interview, part review and written by a journalist who 'devoured the whole thing in a few greedy sittings' - sounds like my kind of novel.

Book coverFive hundred people live in in single community in an enclosed valley on the sunless planet Eden where, over a century ago, their two ancestors were marooned. 
Calling themselves Family, they still cling to the hope that one day someone will come and bring them back to Earth, where light and heat does not come from trees, but from a bright star in the sky. 
John Redlantern defies Family’s most sacred traditions and leads a small group of followers out of the valley and across mountains that are not only covered in snow and ice, but are completely dark,  in search of wider lands.   It had to happen but it comes at a terrible price, for it brings bloodshed and division into the world. 
A novel about how people relate to the past and how they move forward into the future.


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