Thursday, 9 February 2012

Paraxis 03


Paraxis 03 is now online. We've got fabulous short stories, illustrations, interviews and essays all on the theme of transformation. Here's a quick peak at the fiction side of things from our editors' letter:
The stories we have selected for this volume of Paraxis contain transformations that range from the personal to the public; sometimes troubling, occasionally violent, at times optimistic and often amusing, these stories are beautifully written and memorable: Ailsa Cox’s witty and incisive tale of frustration and atonement plays out against a frozen, New Year landscape; Nicola Belte’s disquieting and compelling story explores the transformative power of pain; Max Dunbar’s humorous and tender tale is written with a touch so light, it seems to float; Katie Gooch’s irresistibly warm story explores redemption, new beginnings and the joy of beds that are got on to, not in to. Finally, there’s Ruth Jenkins’s beautifully woven tale of obsession, imprisonment and escape.
The five stories we selected are excellent; it was a pleasure to read and reread them during the editing process.

We are now open to proposals for Paraxis 04 and submissions to Paraxis 05. Further information is available here.

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