Friday, 4 November 2011


I don't like to blog about my novel. I feel all jumbly and nervous about it; just mentioning it gives me the shivers. I know what will happen in it; I know the story - in fact, one of the early chapters will be published as a short story in an American journal in a couple of weeks. But I'm finding it hard to know exactly where to open the novel. I'm currently working on my fourth version of the opening. This version begins on Southport beach.

I went for a walk along the beach/marsh/mudflats this afternoon. For the first time, I saw a group of fisherman returning with their catch of cockles. It was pouring with rain which made it even wetter and muddier than usual under foot. I took my notebook with me - it got pretty wet. I found out some of the things I needed to know and I'm going to go back again soon when the weather is better.

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