Friday, 28 October 2011

A Cauldron of Soup and a bash on the leg

Last night I read at Word Soup. I read my fairy tale 'Sweet Home' because it fit with the Halloween theme. Reading is always fun. Some of the performances from last night's event can be seen here (there's some adult content - you have been warned!). It's always lovely to listen to other people's work; writing can be a lonely pastime and sometimes you just need to get out, let your hair down and find out what everyone else is up to.

When we got home it was pretty late. We're sleeping on the floor of our boys' room at the moment because of our redecorating project. I tiptoed into their room in the pitch dark, feeling my way to the roll-out bed thingy. I ended up tripping over a toy box that had mysteriously appeared in the middle of the floor while we were out. I hopped around for a bit in my pyjamas, holding my leg, trying not to shout or say any rude words. The toys in the box tumbled into each other and suddenly, a talking mirror that someone bought for my daughter a long time ago, shrieked 'YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL' - a fairy tale ending to a fun night.

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