Friday, 18 July 2014

The Verb, RTE and new books

Yesterday I went to Media City to record  The Verb with Ian McMillan. Jackie Kay and DBC Pierre were also on the show, but they were in Inverness and London respectively (so they couldn't sign the books I'd fangirlishly - not sure if that's a word - carried to Manchester with me). However, brilliant folk singer Martin Carthy was in the studio and it was lovely to listen to him perform live. The program can be downloaded here.

Afterwards I went to Liverpool where I bought some of my favourite chocolate in the world. Then I popped to Radio Merseyside where I did a live interview on RTE

Here's a link to the podcast.

When I got home I discovered a parcel containing 2 copies of the U.S edition of the novel. I think they're gorgeous. 

Here's a photo of my fish reacting to the cover (could be that he's just swimming around obliviously, of course). 

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