Sunday, 27 December 2015

2015 books

In 2015 I decided to steer clear of Goodreads (the temptation to wallow in one star reviews was too great!) so I kept a visual record of my reading (or, in some cases, re-reading). I wasn't especially diligent in keeping up with it, so there are definitely some books missing (I'll add them if/when I remember what's missing), but, for now, here's what my 2015 looked like in books. 



















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  1. Really smart to keep a record like that! I loved tracking my favourite books on Goodreads, but didn't like posting less favourable reviews. But I do miss having my reads listed somewhere.
    Yours is a great list, with several I've read and really enjoyed, lots of books I'm really looking forward to reading (including some I was given for Christmas) and a few not on my radar. Roll on 2016!