Friday, 19 June 2015

Authors' Club First Novel Award

On Wednesday evening it was the Authors' Club First Novel Award reception at the National Liberal Club. I won - something that doesn't feel real, but there is photographic evidence, so I suppose it must be true. I hadn't prepared anything to say, so I just grinned like a doofus and said thank you. It was a lovely day. 
Earlier, in the afternoon, Emma Healey, Claire Fuller and I met up at Fortnums for some photographs in advance of the Desmond Elliott Prize announcement on 1st July. The photographer asked us to talk to each other while he took pictures; it was nice to get a chance to know Emma and Claire a little better. 

Next week I'm off to Devon for a whole 5 days of writing. I can't wait to spend some time alone with novel 2. Writing to a deadline makes the process feel different - aside from the added element of panic, I have a much stronger sense of writing as work, which is probably a good thing (and which is why my blogging is likely to become even more sporadic in the coming weeks and months). 


  1. Congratulations x great to meet you last night in Altrincham. Looking forward to reading your book::)

  2. YEAH! Well done you!! Have fun in Devon and WRITE LOTS OF WORDS! x

  3. I loved your novel A Song for Issy Bradley, have just read it over 3 nights at a friend's. It was hard to read but touched me with my own grief. So well written, spot on, thank you. Will look out for your next one. Angela, Scotland