Thursday, 14 May 2015

Richard and Judy Summer Book Club

I've been in London again, this week. I went to Heathrow airport where I signed somewhere in the region of 300 copies of A Song for Issy Bradley, which has been selected for the Richard and Judy Summer Book Club.                                                                                                                                                                               The book club is probably the most exciting thing that has happened with the novel because so many of my family and friends have actually heard of it, and have consequently been taking photographs of my book in a variety of shop windows and emailing them to me!
When I was last in London, I met Richard and Judy, who were absolutely lovely and asked me some questions for the book club podcast.                                                                               It was strange to meet them in real life, having regularly watched them on morning television when my children were small. They were just as personable and friendly as they always appeared to be. I also briefly met Nick Hornby who was there to record the interview to go with his novel Funny Girl, which is a book club pick, too. That was especially nice because it meant that I was able to thank him for writing such a lovely review of Issy Bradley in The Believer magazine. 

On my way to and from Heathrow I got to see some lovely, new Underground posters. I also had a meeting with my agent about book 2's structure. And I discovered that Issy Bradley has been shortlisted for the Authors' Club Best First Novel Award.

And, somehow, in the midst of this excitement (because it is exciting - and somewhat terrifying)  I'm supposed to be writing. Which means I need to get off Blogger and figure out whether my timelines should run in parallel or opposite directions... 

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  1. Wowza Carys, such streams of lovely news! I started reading A Song for Issy Bradley last night - only managed 15 or so pages before I fell asleep - must read more in the day time... Enjoying it already. Well done on this latest slice of excitement.