Monday, 15 September 2014


I've just arrived in Sheepwash in North Devon (here) where I'll be spending the next few days. I'm so excited to get a chance to write without interruption and to (hopefully) get the first bit of novel 2 into a state where I'm comfortable showing it to people.

Of course, most writing has to be done in a workman-like way, in between and around other things, but it's lovely to get away once in a while and not have to cook or clean or run anyone to the orthodontist - just write.

Here's the room where I'll be writing.

Here's the view from the window.

There are my desk options - standing or sitting, which is great for me because I *love* to work standing as much as possible.

Me, as I type this blog (standing).

I've got my favourite red, writing/book t-shirt at the ready, off I go...


  1. Dear Carys, You know I am spectacularly stupid. I sat in the dentist's waiting room flicking through magazines and started reading about someone writing a book about the mormons ..... And I thought, 'Oh no, that's really done it for that lovely woman who I taught on an Arvon course who was writing that fascinating book about mormons ... now someone has really stolen her thunder.' Then I looked at the photograph. Please someone give me back my brain. Anyway, huge congratulations. You deserve it all and I'm really thrilled for you. Am typing this here as I'm not sure I have your e-mail. Am also very jealous of you being at Totleigh Barton. Must be wonderful. Good luck with the new book. Alice