Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Gone Reading...

This month I will be marking essays, attending hospital appointments with my children (who have managed to develop an interesting array of conditions that require surgical intervention), writing 'feature' pieces in which I try to appear interesting (an introvert's nightmare), worrying about novel number 2, and trying to avoid reviews of A Song for Issy Bradley.

When I get a spare moment I will be reading, which will be the BEST BIT of the month. I'll probably eat some chocolate and help myself to an occasional gingerbread latte, too.

In fact, I may start now...


  1. Really sorry to hear about the kids, must be horrible :( Hope they get well soon and, of course, best of luck with the rest too.

  2. Thanks Martin. They're fine, it's nothing serious - just time consuming. I think there'll be 2 surgeries before Christmas; a nose operation and an operation to restructure/reposition the sternum. I'm not looking forward to it - I don't like blood and I'm not a very good nurse!