Monday, 17 March 2014

'Love, Life and Longing' - a review of Sweet Home

It's been almost 18 months since Sweet Home was published, so it was lovely to discover a new review, written by Impress Prize winner Carol Fenlon and posted at Thresholds, home of the international short story forum. 

Here's an excerpt:
"The stories in this collection are permeated by loss. Sometimes this loss comes in the form of an unexpected tragedy, such as the death of a child in ‘Scaling Never’ or ‘Bed Rest’. In other stories, Bray explores the loss of mental faculty from old age, or the loss of identity caused by invasive surgery in ‘Under Covers’. But there is nothing maudlin in this writing. Bray avoids sentimentality with black humour and scalpel-sharp detail to reveal the mechanisms by which humans deal with the horrors life can throw at them."
You can read the whole piece here

A huge thank you to Carol for such a generous review. 

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