Friday, 20 December 2013


I'm starting to think about the next novel (gulp - fears of never finishing the first novel have been replaced by fears of never repeating the feat). I've got a list of things to research, including bus drivers, museum archivists, stalking, trumpet playing and collectors.

Last weekend I visited a friend of a friend to see a collection of dolls and doll's houses. It was incredible. While there I met several collectors and was fascinated by their stories.

This part of writing is such fun. In the New Year I'm hoping to arrange to speak to a bus driver and a museum archivist, and I plan to have a few trumpet lessons.

But I think I'll leave the stalking to my imagination.


  1. It does sound fun. I'm supposed to interview a funeral director for my comedy horror book but I can't bring myself to tell them why I want to talk to them - they'd think it disrespectful maybe?

  2. I spoke to a funeral director when I was doing research for 'A Song for Issy Bradley'. She made me sign a non-disclosure form, which I did, so I can't talk about it! Perhaps someone would talk to you if you agreed not to mention their company?