Saturday, 16 November 2013

Photographs and Proofs

Last week I went to Southport beach/marsh with Cornerstone Director of Publicity Charlotte Bush and photographer Colin McPherson for new author photos. It was a sunny day but it's always a very windy spot - I spent a lot of time trying to stop my hair making Medusa shapes in the wind!

Colin was great, at one point he lay down in a big puddle on the Sand-winning Track to get a better shot, and Charlotte did an excellent job of organising and accessorising me (that might just be the first time I've ever used the word accessorise).

Here's one of the pictures that was taken on Southport Pier. An elderly husband and wife from South Wales were sitting about a foot away and they chatted to Colin and Charlotte about Blackpool and the joys of coach trips while I leaned against the shelter, trying not to join in the laugher. Later, we went to Broadhursts bookshop where it was warm (the open fire was burning) for some more photographs. One of them features on the back of the proof (see below).

A couple of days ago a DHL driver handed me a padded envelope containing an A4 doorstep of A Song for Issy Bradley - another little thing to make it all seem more real. And then yesterday I received an email containing some photographs of the actual proofs which had just arrived at the Hutchinson office.

Aren't they gorgeous? I really want to touch the inlaid letters, and I won't have to wait too long because I'll be in London on Monday to do some filming and read at a Hutchinson and Windmill Books event.

Portraits © Colin McPherson, 2013, all rights reserved E: T: +44 (0)7831 838717

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