Saturday, 12 October 2013

Editing and Short Stories Aloud

I've spent this week editing the British version of my novel. Fortunately there weren't too many things to change, although we did decide to shorten the prologue, particularly the opening paragraph which has morphed from a dream sequence into a dream sentence! Yesterday I had a chance to talk to my editor about my book cover and I am HUGELY excited about her ideas for both the hardback and paperback.

I also received a list of language edits for the American edition of the book. I'm going to keep a lot of football (soccer!) terminology and some very British swear words, which was a pleasant surprise. I hadn't realised how many regional words and phrases I had included until they appeared on the list of words to replace: ginnel, piffy on a rock bun, yonks, chivvy, trumps...

In other news, I'm delighted to be appearing at Short Stories Aloud on Tuesday 22nd October at The Old Fire Station. Actors Julie Mayhew and Melissa Berry will be reading short stories by Charlotte Mendelson and myself.

I've never heard anyone read one of my stories aloud before so it's going to be a really interesting experience.

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