Monday, 29 April 2013

Shortly Speaking

There is a lovely, detailed review of Sweet Home at Shortly Speaking, a blog about contemporary short fiction. The review concludes with the following paragraph:
Whether she turns her unflinching gaze to the obscure realities of parenthood or experiments with lighter and more playful modes, Carys Bray comes across as a very exciting new voice in fiction. Sweet Home is not only a successful promising debut, it is a funny, dark and poetic exploration of domestic life that bears the mark of a skilled storyteller. In these stories, Bray finds a fine balance between plot, character and language, with none being sacrificed to the others.  
This is me as I read the review on my phone →

Even though it's a Monday, I sang in my car all the way to work - at the top of my voice. And when people stared, I smiled at them.

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