Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Holiday Reading

I wish the weather would improve so that I could banish the kids to the garden and do the whole, 'Get some fresh air,' routine that I remember my  parents doing during the school holidays. I had visions of reading in the garden, but every time I go out there I seem to be rescuing washing from thunder storms. I've got three piles of books to read.The pile on the right is teaching preparation.

This pile is a research/PhD pile. I'm particularly enjoying Still, the Small Voice which analyses Mormon narratives involving encounters with the supernatural. I grew up listening to these kinds of narratives so I'm finding Tom Mould's ethnographic interpretation of Mormon culture and belief absolutely fascinating.

Here's my holiday dose of 'feminist commonsense' (Guardian on The Equality Illusion) and 'a vitriolic attack on sexism masquerading as psychology' (Evening Standard on Delusions of Gender).  

Once I've finished these books, I'm going to read Alison Moore's The Lighthouse which has been longlisted for the Man Booker Prize.

The Lighthouse has been reviewed in the Telegraph and here is a free extract from the book. Many congratulations to Alison, and to Chris and Jen at Salt Publishing.

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