Saturday, 11 June 2011

Flax launch and other stuff...

Today was the Flash Mob, Flax026 launch. I read at The Storey with the other authors who have flash fictions in the anthology.

You can listen to all of the stories and look at the author profiles here.

It was a really good afternoon. Claire Massey read her modern fairy tale A Book Tale again which meant another outing for the fabulous word dress.

The even has been blogged about by Sarah-Clare Conlon at Words and Pictures and Clare Kirwan at Broken Biro.

It's been a good week for writing; I found out that I'm going to have a story in Mslexia next month - I can't really say how exciting that is for me...THIS exciting perhaps.

My guest post is now up on the Strictly Writing blog.

Additionally, the Open University asked me to participate in their new advertising campaign which gave me another chance to tell an interviewer how much I love the Open University; something I have done quite regularly in recent years - and I mean every word. I'm not entirely sure what the ads will look like, but I had a photographer from the Express at my house at 8:50 this morning wanting to take pictures of me surrounded by books: good job I've got so many then.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on Mslexia!!!!! :-) How exciting to have your picture taken for an OU ad too!

    I thought both of your stories were brilliant at the Flax launch. Thank you so much again for the card and the lovely lovely chocolates (which are now hidden safely out of site of the boys!).

  2. (that should have said sight. I am very tired today, hence terrible homophone slippage!)

  3. I knew what you meant! And it was your party yesterday - so you are definitely allowed to be tired :)