Thursday, 17 February 2011

Once Upon a time...

I entered a competition sponsored by Edge Hill University earlier this year. The competition, Once Upon a Time, was for UK based short story writers and I found out this afternoon that my story 'Sweet Home' has been shortlisted and is currently on display in the cafe of the Chapel Gallery in Ormskirk. Customers can select shortlisted stories to read while they drink and eat and they can nominate their favourite for the readers' prize. The winner of the main prize will be announced at a ceremony in March and will win £250.

I drove past the gallery twice today when I was visiting Edge Hill to catalogue entires for the 2011 Edge Hill Prize. I would have stopped to have a peep at the story if I'd known then that it was on display. 


  1. Congratulations! That's brillliant!!

  2. Thanks Claire :)
    If I win I am going to replace the cream carpet in our small lounge with a brown one - the now chocolate/dirt/felt-tip spattered carpet was not one of my better ideas!

  3. Good luck Carys. Yes I think chocolate/dirt/felt tip and paint splattered carpets are the norm for us Mums! Hope you get your new carpet x