Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Things to smile about

Although I've learned to appreciate the joy of a timely frown, I'm finding lots of things to smile about at the moment. 

On Sunday morning I had a sudden impulse to decorate my daughter's room. By 6 o'clock her magnolia walls were red and ivory, three pairs of my trousers were in the washing machine and I couldn't lift my right hand above shoulder level but I did every last bit of it myself. Smile.

The week before Christmas I got my Edge Hill staff parking permit. I'm going to be an intern, working on the 2011 Edge Hill Prize. The internship will involve some work in both the corporate marketing and English departments. I'm not being paid, but did I mention that I have a staff parking permit? Smile.

I found this miniature, framed, cross-stitch sampler which belonged to my grandmother. It's smaller than my little finger and I thought that it was lost, but it isn't. Smile.

My other grandmother bought this lovely chair, ostensibly for the whole family for Christmas, but largely because she was fed up of watching me hobble into her house each morning having spent the previous evening at the computer, sitting on a wooden dining room chair. Now I can sit comfortably. I can also swivel. Smile.

A little Christmas present from my sister. Smile.

Christmas slippers. With red reindeer on. Smile.


  1. All that made me smile! I am sat here in my own pair of Christmas slippers, I wish I had that chair though, mine is an ouch-inducing cheap Ikea number. Brilliant news about the internship! :-)

  2. Yey for Christmas slippers!
    I consider the bedroom painting project to be a dress rehearsal for the main event; one day while everyone is out I will attack the lounge with the red paint and that really will be something to smile about :)