Monday, 11 October 2010

Lovely Stuff

Having read a story of mine, a friend recently asked if I used to work in a handbag shop: I didn't. I just needed to set the story in a handbag shop for it to work. In fact, up until last Thursday I didn't even own a handbag - I had an over-the-shoulder, all-purpose, sack-like thingy which has doubled as a nappy bag and book-hefter for approximately eight years. On Thursday I finally bought myself a real, grown up bag - see below.

On Friday I went to London. As she left for school Alice presented me with a little person made of felt. 'This is for you to remind you of me while you're in London,' she said. 'I know I don't have yellow hair and I'm not blue, but I didn't think you'd mind.'

While in London I had a meeting with an agent which was fun and much less frightening than my anticipatory nerves allowed me to imagine. Later, I walked past some cake shops (yes, looking through windows at cake really was a highlight of the trip). Mmm Cake.

In the evening Neil and I went to see 'We Will Rock You'. Our enjoyment of the musical was heightened by the unabashed enthusiasm of the man sitting in front of us. He was probably in his mid sixties and he was so enthused that he stood up and danced (by himself) in the aisle. 

On the way back to the hotel we walked past the British Museum. We managed to have a quick walk around the mummys earlier in the day - I could have spent hours there: they were fascinatingly creepy and beautiful.

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