Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Princess and the Footy

I'm just finishing off putting together the Writing Club magazine. Big thanks to Claire Massey for telling me how to format and organise an online magazine - she knows all about it, as you can see here.

At some point I'll blog about everything that has occurred as a result of winning the Edge Hill MA Prize, but things are still happening, including a radio 4 interview which I will blog about soon.

For now, here is another re-imagined fairy tale from the Writing Club magazine:

The Princess and the Footy

Once upon a time there was a Prince who was a real Liverpool FC supporter. Out of the millions of girls he had been out with, none of them were real Liverpool supporters. They were pretending to be Liverpool supporters to impress him.
            One really hot day a Princess came into the Prince’s castle because she was sunburnt. She was a real Liverpool Supporter. When it was night the Prince put a signed Liverpool ball at the bottom of her bed.
           In the morning the Princess felt the ball. The Prince was spying on her. He saw her kiss the ball and he had found a perfect match.

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