Saturday, 15 May 2010


Hiking this year has been marred by bad weather and a distinct lack of enthusiasm (probably related to said bad weather). Our recent trip to Troutbeck, near Windermere, involved an easy walk of a couple of miles, but the kids had to be cajoled and coaxed at every turn. Creating new story lines for Dr Who proved to be a popular diversion for a time, but the mood really improved when we came to some water. Pooh-sticks and paddling fended off episodes of the grumps and we made it to the end of the walk in a mostly cheerful state. Fingers crossed for sunshine and enthusiasm next time.


  1. Ha I remember walks with the parents when I was a kid. My feet got sore real quick and I'd moan and groan a lot. Just a few years on and I love a walk in nature so much that I well up along Morecambe promenade!

  2. My parents used to make me do it too - I think I'm turning into my parents :)

  3. I think we all do! Check out 'This be the Verse' by Philip Larkin; we can't help but be changed by our parents.